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Why I thought Thailand is stunning
I have a few motto in life and one of these is "I reside to journey". Even more rare is the places that depart me a lifelong memory. Siam is definitely one of the rare countries that fit into the bill. In the absence of that, I think there is seldom some other area where you could get better value for the cash.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is one city which is always prepared to enchant anyone who comes to see. Unlike another smaller destinations, Bangkok is undoubtedly more energetic and has plenty to shock any first time traveller. From the gold palace to the weekend market. I am especially impressed with the Chatuchak weekend market. It is like a giant melting-pot where you get to appreciate the various culinary delights from different areas of Thailand. Don't forget to catch one of the Tuk Tuk if you happen to be in Bangkok.

One town that gives visitors rather another kind of encounter is Chiang Mai. If you are familiar with Thailand, you'd know that the majority of the tourism areas are seen along the coastal region which means they're mainly shore destination. On the other hand, Chiang Mai has a considerably more agreeable and cooling weather through the year which is a result of the fact that it lies in quite high altitude. The other unique thing is its geographic area which lies at the heart of among the world's most fearsome border called the Golden Triangle. Aside from the town's famed night market, you should truly spend some time seeing the boundary too.

Areas like Krabi and Koh Samui are must-visit locations and do not say you've gone to Thailand if you have not visited these places. What leaves me astonished is the nevertheless immaculate shores it is possible to find in these areas despite the heavy tourism presence which generally have resulted in over-commercialization. There is hardly any such place anymore nowadays. But remember to assess the monsoon calendar if you plan to see these locations as several of the draws are closed during the monsoon period.


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